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IT Services

Proactively monitor, manage, and maintain your IT systems. With our predictable flat-rate fee, it’s time to say goodbye to the recurring downtimes and costly repairs.

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Cloud Solutions

Tailor-made cloud services for your business. Enjoy data access anywhere, anytime, on any device, as well as the capability to scale up or down as your business grows.

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Internet Security

We shield your systems from spam, malware, viruses, and cyber attacks and provide you with secure remote access.

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Disaster Recovery
and Backup Services

Backup entire data and systems to guarantee rapid recovery and ensure that you can continue your business no matter what comes your way.

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Phone VoIP Services

Lower communication cost, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity. Enjoy a variety of VoIP functions including high-definition VDO conference with no extra cost.

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Security Cameras

We provide reliable security camera solutions for your organization so you can rest assured knowing what’s going on around your property at all times.

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IT services
with a personal touch

Voree IT Solutions believes businesspersons shouldn’t be bothered by the monotonous tasks of maintaining IT systems, backing up data, or managing day-to-day IT operations. Why not hand over your tedious IT management requirements to our experts today? With ten years of experience as a leading IT service provider in Philadelphia, Voree IT Solutions will ensure your systems operate smoothly and soundly 24x7x365.

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How do we deliver on our promise
of a personal touch?



Voree IT Solutions has been one of Philidelphia's leading IT service providers since 2006. We understand your needs and the nature of your business. Our location in the Center City allows our support team to reach you in no time.


Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority. At Voree IT Solutions, we make sure that your call is always answered, and your urgent needs are quickly addressed. No more waiting, no more frustration.


Guaranteed Solutions

With years of experience in IT services Philadelphia, we guarantee that for whatever IT issue you have, we’ll find a suitable solution.

See what our customers
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Our office was in desperate need of organization. After we’d tried the services of many other companies and self-proclaimed IT professionals, it was Voree who was able to complete the tasks in two short visits, which would otherwise have taken years for others to accomplish.

First, Voree came in and organized our network of computers, printers, and other devices. The "spaghetti bowl" of wires that cluttered the office disappeared, and a neat network of wires emerged. The problems of having computers with different operating systems and a multitude of different devices and servers were eliminated. On the second visit, Voree quickly installed new computers in place of old and outdated stations and connected our office to our company headquarters. In a few short hours, we went from barely being able to share files within our own office to being directly and securely connected to our main office. Shared servers, printers, computers, files and everything else are accessible. Also, it's truly comforting to know that Voree is ready to assist us immediately via remote access if any problems arise. Everything was done professionally, quickly, and neatly, giving us the best results we’ve ever seen. I would definitely recommend Voree to anyone!

Phil Carpinona
Staff Engineer


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