Hosted VoIP Solutions

Cost-effective way to enjoy VoIP’s benefits

What is a better way to get all the benefits of VoIP without having to buy, lease, or maintain an on-site phone system while at the same time having an expert managing all the maintenance tasks for you? Our Hosted VoIP Solutions give you all the advantages above with an affordable monthly fee per user while offering you scalability to match your future growth.

Hosted VoIP Solutions from Voree IT Solutions helps you:

  • Increase productivity - with click-to-call dialing, VDO conferences, screen shares, visual voicemail and many more features
  • Minimize capital expenditures - our monthly fee per user means you don’t have to spend an upfront cost buying or even maintaining on-site phone systems
  • Take away mundane tasks - of configuration and upgrades since our experts will handle all aspects of VoIP for you

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